On linking I get "Symbol undefined getspnam_()".

I’m still trying to port ssh-1.2.27 to QNX4.
The very helpfull instruction is here. If I overcome the perills - I’ll try to port ssh-1.2.33 (the latest before the deprecation of ssh v1.x) basing on the experience gained on the way.

Everything goes well untill it starts linking the sshd (ssh builds and even works!) - and then it stops with the “Symbol undefined getspnam_()” error.

The referenced symbol is a password management command, seems to be in crypt.lib or whereever. Please help to find it.

Thank you!

The trailing _ seems suspicious. Take a look at where in the source this is referenced and check if it says getspnam() or getspnam_()? It may just be the naming convertion used by watcom’s linker, but usually the linker spits out errors in a form which matches the C name.

I did it! (ssh-1.2.27)

It was getspnam_() indeed.
To solve the riddle it took to compile this example and then link the resulting pw.a as a library to the list of used libraries: -lpw.

Now I started porting ssh-1.2.33 while updating zlib v1.0.3 used there to v1.2.1 - it did easily fit into ssh-1.2.27 already.

Be back, not sure if it’ll be soon…

The crypt libs can be found at ftp://ftp.qnx.com

I could not locate them in form of *.lib files|archives…
There are three .tgz named crypt, but I could not figure out how to use them to do the job at first.

OK, using the same instructions it is quite easy to build ssh-1.2.33.

I did it.
The only glitch found so far is that when I logout - the shell on the remote side quits but ssh does not. One can see the ESTABLISHED tcp/ip session between the hosts. (Note: I test it connecting to localhost yet)

The ssh-1.2.27 does not have this misbehaviour, but I see “Exited on signal -1” every time I logout. Is it normal?

hmm, I thought the “logout hang” problem only exists in the openssh. sounds like ssh-1.2.27 “borrowed” some codes from openssh, including this “bug” ;)
You may want to try the “fix” for openssh, check the openqnx project site at sourceforge.

Yes, I’ll do!
Examining the syslog I’ve found lots of “Error: Failed to disconnect from controlling tty.”
Those were ssh-1.2.26, ssh-1.2.27 and ssh-1.2.33 sshdrecords.

But only sshd v1.2.33 does not go down on logout from the shell…

Please continue to here.
This is a story about ssh-1.2.33 now.