Bootloader speed & ...

I seem to remember being able to slow down the boot loader for QNX 4.x. Can we still do that?

While we’re at is, Can we change the default OS that’s booted.
I seem to remember it defaulting
to the previous OS in QNX 4.

Or I could just be getting old.

Memory loss means never having to watch reruns.: :wink:

You can spatch the first block of the hard disk to do that. Check those knowledge base articles: … code=10520 … ?code=9534

As for the default OS to be booted, I believe whatever OS set as ACTIVE in fdisk will be the default one.

Oops, I wasn’t clear, I would like to do this for the [apparently] new QNX6 bootloader.
Since the following does not match:
“move using the arrow keys to offset 000001: 060: … you should
 see the 0xB9 and 0x48 values there at an offset of 8 from 060”.


Unless you need something from the new bootloader, just use the old one.

If you need to use the new, just disasm it - it is not a qnx specific thing - it is asm code which talks to the bios to load the osimage.