Networking and Router

Right, I’ve recently bought a Wireless router with ADSL for a laptop. My PC (which has QNX and WinXP on) is connected to the router using a normal network cable and a Realtek RTL8139 network card.
It took me a while and some researching to get QNX to get networking up and I use the ne2000 driver. Problem is that connecting en0 gives roughly the following information:
pppoed started, Connecting to server (several times), PPPoE connection failed, giving up.
I can’t see why it isnt working. I’m using the following to start:

slay io-net io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x400,irq=9 -p tcpip
Any ideas anyone since I’m completely out of ideas myself and havent found any information that relates to the problem I’m having. :confused:

Something is wrong. The RTL8139 is not a NE2000 device unless it has a compatibility mode, I wouldn’t know.

You could verify what it is with the pci command. You should see something like Device ID = 8139h, RT8139A/B/C Fast Ethernet Adapter

Then use -drtl rather than -dne2000 and drop all the irq/ioport stuff.

Have you finished the second stage installation?

ls -l /lib/dll/

It should have a January of 2003 date. If not, you will need to put your QNX CD back to the CD drive and click installer, and choose to install QNX Momentics for x86.

Aside from the driver issue, isn’t the router suppose to handle the PPPoE protocol and have all the client run “normal” TCP/IP?