Altering QNX boot manager?

I installed QNX on my PC on it’s own partition. At boot, it always defaults to load QNX instead of Windows. While I love QNX, I would rather have a list of OSes or have Windows be the default.

What can I do to improve this situation? I’m a long time Mac user who finally switched the other way so I don’t have a great technical grasp of how a boots.

I’ve heard of boot managers like LILO but do not know what is best. I would also like to install a Linux distro on my PC and would like to have a boot menu that supported all three OSes.

Thanks for any help,

To boot M$ Windoze by default : from etheir OS lauch fdisk and set the Windoze partition as Active.

LILO is nicer then the QNX loader, but QNX loader is must simpler and quicker. Anyway they both support having three OS installed. Your limitation is on the maximum of 4 partition on an IDE disk.

I personnaly prefer only pressing a key for partition selection. I haven’t use Linux for a year, but last time I still had to type the partition name to switch partition.