QNX and Makefiles

Ok I’m trying to port some of my code I used previously to QNX. A few Questions

  1. I’m used to working with IDE’s where I can have lots of files which are automatically linked during the build process of the project. How do I link the files in the GNU?

  2. If my project has a makefile that is compatible with Linux is automatically compatible with QNX? (doubt it)

  3. If not then How do I create a makefile for my projects?

anything further you may like to tell me about tranferrence of files from Windows platforms to QNX is welcome

Ok I’m trying to port some of my code I used previously to QNX. A few Questions

This is usually taken care of in the Makefile but a command like this should do it:

cc objectt1.o object2.o -o program

The PE version of QNX does provide an IDE (8000$ US) and that can run on QNX/LINUX/WINDOWS/SOLARIS

Most definitely, Linux and QNX both use the gnu make. However the makefile could invoke programs that aren’t included in QNX

If you like the windows environment you can still use your favorite editor to access files under QNX. You will need to lauch make on the QNX box though.

I think you should be a litlle more specific when you sasy “transfer of files”. Are you asking how to copy file from Windows to QNX or are you looking for tips in porting code.

  • Mario

Are you porting Windows code to QNX, or simply using Windows as a development environment to port your “previously” used code to QNX from some other platform (like Linux) ?

If you are porting Windows code, then how painless/painfull it is to port to QNX depends a great deal on how carefully it was written.

Heey Mario thanks for the tip on the cc object1.o etc worked like a charm
Hey rgallen I’m porting windows code to QNX. i.e code i had previously written under somin like VC++ in C . Thanks for posting :wink:

I read the postings regarding porting windows code over to QNX6 . I am doing the same thing, using the Momentics IDE for Windows. I wonder if you can answer the following question:
I have multiple source sub directories, will the IDE know to make the proper makefiles for the whole project?

Is there a way to provide directives in the top makefile, to correctly traverse down the sub directories?

I am trying to use the makefile automation to avoid making many manual entries to get the makefiles behave correctly, i.e., a rule entry per file, etc.


Has anyone had success/tried porting code from QNX to Solaris(64bit SPARC)? I have successfully ported code from QNX to Win2k(cygwin) and to Linux. These were pretty straight forward since they were all x86 architecture. SPARC is giving me problems, since I’m not a solaris person and it is a different architecture.