qwinph for QNX 4?

I saw a post here with the following information

Qwindows can be embedded in Photon with qwinph. It uses the graphic driver gr.phi or gr.phim. In this case Qwindows runs as
an application of Photon.

Does anyone know about qwinph? where can i get a hold of this magical program that embedds qnxwindows in a photon session, I checked the normal places at the qnx website but coudlnt find it… if someone has it out there can they send it to me ?


I beleive this product has been in beta forever. I can access it using my old quics account (very old support system)in the update section. I think it used to be available on the old qnx web site, but with the new web scheme lots of stuff is missing or intentionnaly removed. Your best bet is to contact a sales rep.

Thanks for the reply.
You say you can find it in the update section with Quics, what method did you use to access quics? Its all a bit messy these days.
one can ftp to quics with ftp to quics.qnx.com i didnt spot qwinph in any of those directories (was fun going through all of those).
The quics that was accessible by the web has disappeared lately, but used to show a different structure to what is in ftp .

We have a quics account, so if you could hint how you managed to find it I would be a very happy person (even though it has been in beta for ever, and probably forgotten about).

I think it is a bit strange that qnx have some many different points of support non are consistant, and that they should remove some things that are still useful to people.

I just did a “telnet quics.qnx.com” and saw qwinph in /updates/beta.qwinph

by the way, you may not see if you are not part of the beta program. unfortuantely, I don’t think they are accepting new beta testers :frowning: Your best bet is to contact a sales rep, as mario said.

The included licenses have long expired ;-(

I don’t remember this particular beta software requires license ;)
Actually, I demo’ed it to somebody not too long ago and don’t remember I had any license issues.

Thanks alot for all the information.

It seems that the telnet and ftp to quics.qnx.com disagree, (there is no way for me to get to the /updates directory from the ftp), will will just have to figure out a way to send it via the telnet session, seems there is no ftp command, there is a mailer but its not mime compatible, there is kermit though :stuck_out_tongue:

We used to run SAM with qwinph in the old time.


We were using qwinph to run QNX Windows under photon and phindows to run photon under Micosoft Windows… :open_mouth:
AT least at the end you don’t have any drivers issue. :smiley:

Mario how come you didn’t reply to my last email ?

What email?

What’s SAM?

SAM = Smoke And Mirror AKA Solution & Advances Management. :wink:



Did you have to do anything special to get qwinph to run in phindows or were you not using that combination?

I have a server and if I start phindows to connect to it then from the phindows session start qwinph, it seems to launch the QNX windows on the server in memory, but I get no display in my phindows session.

Do a “use /qnx4/qwinph/bin/qwinph”, I remember you will have to use the -I option for it to work under phindows.

pls can anyone send me the qwinph to my email? or attach here. biturbogarret@hotmail.com
or just tell me where to find it…i can not find in the qnx website.
thank you

The reason you can’t find it is because it’s not public… Contact QSS.