Disabling disk controller detection


I’ve got 6.1 installed on a machine that used to run 4.25. Unfortunately, it hangs during bootup after the “Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices.” I’ve figured out that by choosing the “Disable detection for disk controllers other than EIDE” during bootup it no longer hangs. That’s all fine and good except that I’m not going to be able to have a keyboard and monitor attached to this computer most of the time. Is there any way for this selection to be made automatically during bootup? (I’m sure that there MUST be)



Since you are running QNX 6.1, you can build your own boot image and use different options to “diskboot”, or not use diskboot at all. The following two articles will help you on how to build your own customerized image:

qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 310_1.html
qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 311_1.html