pthread_create, MsgReceive & pthread_attr_init errors


Whenever I run my program in DEBUG mode, the following commands return 89 (unknown system call):


When they return 89 they don’t do what they are supposed to (no thread is created…). They don’t do this when I run in Momentic’s RUN mode, which confuses me. Any suggestions would be great.


Can you send exact code + build command line ?

I have talked to the people at QNX and found a workaround - are you having the same problem?

Care to explain what the problem and solution was? So we know for next time… :slight_smile:


It was apparently a known problem with the debugger that only occurs on pentium III and IV systems. The workaround was simply not to step through the code but run between breakpoints. I was told this would be fixed in 6.3.