Usage of PtHold and PtBkgdHandler

Hello all!
I have 2 questions.

1)How do I use PtHold, meaning how do I define it? For example if i want it to delay displaying my values for say 100ns, how do I go about doing it? And do I just put the commmand PtHold() into my code? Can anyone give me an example?

2)A digital compass is connected to my PC and when I move the digital compass, it’s values change but this is not reflected when it is displayed on my text widget.(My text widget just flickers as the values keep repeating itself.) It seems that I need to use the command PtBkgdHandler(). If so, then do I just insert the command PtBkgdHandler() into my code? I have done this but the values don’t seem to be refreshing.It behaves the same as before, when the command was not inserted.

Can anyone please help me! Thanks in advance. … ml#Updates

while() {

//list is populated!
PtContainerRelease() //Bam, now the widget is redrawn.