Where is the netsniff listening?

I have some trouble in connecting to a remote PC from my Qnx under Qnx425 now.
So i used netsniff to check whether any packets were transmitted through my Ethernet card.
When i "ping"ing the remote PC, nothing was displayed by netsniff.
And there is my question below:
Where netsniff listens? At the Ethernet card? Gets information from Net? Or gets it from the kenel?



Use netinfo -l to check the packet count, much easier then using netsniff. You need to restart the driver with promiscuity mode to use netsniff and then turn it off once you are done. Well you can leave it on but it will increase CPU usage.

Netsniff binds with Net and its driver to listen to packet. Im not sure but I don’t think you can view packet that are target at the node netsniff is running on. Hence you need to run netsniff on a β€˜3r’ machine.

Thank you, Mario.