libACE on QNX

Did someone use the ACElibrary on QNX ?

I can’t compil it!

QNX 6.2.1 NC (on x86)
ACE 5.4

I’ve create my “config.h” file which includes
#include “ace/config-qnx-rtp.h”
I’ve created my platform_macros.GNU
include $(ACE_ROOT)/inclue/makeinclude/platform_qnx_rtp_gcc.GNU

I have define the ACE_ROOT envirronment variable.
And add it to my PATH.

When starting 'make ’ I’ve got the following error:
*** No rule to make target ‘config.h’, needed by ‘.shobj/ARGV.o’

This sould be a common gcc issue, but I’m not an expert.

Anybody already did it?


Most GNU programs need to be config’ed before you can compile. Have you done “configure”? Have you read the INSTALL or README files included with the program?

BTW, I remember “Robert Rutherford” said he had compiled ACE for QNX 6 without any problems. Make sure you use the GNU c++ libs instead of Dinkum ones to avoid trouble …

I tried the ‘configure’ script

The conclusion is:
“The generated configuration appears to be unusable.”

in the log i got
“checking for library containing socket… no” and others errors.
I assume this problem is critical.
But I don’t understand why it doesn’t find the socket library.

Maybe a problem of include or $LIBS definition …?

What version of QNX are you using? “uname -a”.
If QNX 6, is it the free or the commercial PE?

Also, post the whole output from “configure” script.

I gave up the ‘configure’ script, but I success to compil it anyway ( not all ACE, but I hope enough for me).
Around 20 tests don’t work.

My version is 6.2.1 commercial PE.
To compile I had to add to define
I had problem whith the ‘cuserid’ fonction which does no longer exist.

With PE version, which defaults to Dinkum libs, you could try this BEFORE configure

export CC=‘qcc -Vgcc_ntox86’
export CXX=‘QCC -Vgcc_ntox86_gpp’