Printing on Windows Printers via Samba

I want to print from my QNX host via Samba on a windows-xp printer!
I have installed Samba from unsupported repository and set up everything successful. I can see windows shares (smbclient) and my QNX machine’s shares are accessible from my windows pcs.
I can even log to a windows printer via smbclient and make a print manually with print on it. But strange things happen if I try to print with lpr to my network printer (lpd running) - almost nothing. The files a stored into my spooldirectory but it seems the smbprint script (downloaded) is not started. AS far as I can see I have set up my smb.conf and may printcap correct. All ok with testprns and the lprc - the printer is valid. But even the smbprint logfile is not written. Has anyone examples for printcap and smbprint working on QNX


sounds like a problem with lpd, I bet if you replace your “smbprint” with another dummy script that just echo “hello world” > /tmp/log, you won’t see the /tmp/log either.

Since lpd comes with bsd world, I would suggest you start up “syslogd” and see if you can find anything useful in the logs.

Thank You - I am a little bit further now!
OK - I have removed unallowed blanks in my .config and I have replaced > with > in my smbprint script :smiling_imp: .
So the script is running with no error and the printer starts, but ejects only blank sheets. (Only after qnx start one page with text but CR/LF stepping). The spooling directory is filled (without lpd) and flushed (with lpd). The script log shows no error. Text files and PS-files are the same (LJ 4050 PS) :question:

It doesn’t sound like a QNX specific problem then.
Read some of those may be helpful : … d+smbprint

OK it was a windows printer problem. Although it should can PS it was making this error (spooling in RAW mode).
printing documents into phs files and converting these into PCL (phs-to-pcl) is best. I can print documents with all types of fonts and images.
What is left is make it automatic and to make it accessible from Photon (Print Menu). I’ll try - every tip is welcome.