<Help Me!!!> How to use the serial ports in Qnx4.25?

:cry: Hello all!
I want to connect with a remote PC thru one of my serial ports.My machine is running in Qnx4.25 and the remote one is under Windows2000.
But nothing was displayed in the “Super Terminal” provided by Win2000 when i finished the commands in the following sequence:
→ Dev;
→ Dev.ser;
→ tinit -T -c login -p /dev/ser1;

Is there something wrong? Or is there something should be done?
Thanks a lot.

shouldn’t it be
tinit -c /bin/login -t /dev/ser1

if still not work, you may need to tweak the serial port attributes (baudrate, parity, etc) using the “stty” command before you start “tinit”.

:confused: Yes i set all the attributes, such as bandrate, parity, etc. But it still does not work.
When i called stty to display the all parameters of it, it told me that the rows and cols were both zero!
Is it who causes to print nothing on the “Super Terminal”? If true, what can i do?
Thank you.

Have you tried as simple as

tinit -t /dev/ser1

It’s not the problem that how tinit works.
But the “rows” and “cols” returned by stty </dev/ser1 were both zero. Is there something wrong with these parameters?
How can i make my serial ports to work?
Waiting for your answers, everybody.

It’s normal it is a serial device (not a console) hence you will always see row and col to 0. That is not the cause of the problem.

Start with a simple setup, get rid of tinit. Start qtalk on QNX (equivalent of HyperTerminal) and then HyperTerminal on Windows. Beware HyperTerminal is nasty cause you have to “connect” to be able to receive/transmit data. Anything you type in qtalk should appear in HyperTerminal and vise-versa. If that doesn’t work something is wrong with attributes (baudrate, parity, etc) or the cable is wrong.

Thank you for your answers, everybody.
I just want to call my program from HyperTerminal automaticly when the connection is set up.
Is it enough to perform “tinit -c … /dev/ser1” after Qnx4.25 started up?
I think the attributes of HyperTerminal must be set as same as the ones of the serail port in Qnx4.25, isn’t it?
Thanks in advance.

as simple as “tinit -t /dev/ser1” on qnx should work.
please try it from HyperTerminal, if you still have problems, try from another QNX box with null modem serial connection and qtalk.

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: I have achieved it!
Thanks everybody.