Problem mount floppy

I try to get a driver from a floppy. I’m not sure if the floppy is dos or not as someone gave it to me and went off… Here is what I tried and the answers :
mount -t dos /dev/fd0 /fs/floppy -dos
Response = mount: could not exec “mount_dos” , No such File or directory
mount -t qnx4 /dev/fd0 /fs/floppy -qnx4
Response = mount: mount() of /dev/fd0 failed: Corrupted file system detected

Is it really possible the floppy is damaged? It doesn’t seem so…
help! thanks…

mount -tdos /dev/fd0 /fs/floppy

nothing after that.

From mount -tdos /dev/fd0 /fs/floppy
I get
mount: could not exec “mount_dos”, No such file or directory


are you root?
what version of QNX are you using? post “uname -a”.
do you have the floppy device? post “ls -l /dev/fd0”.
is the floppy formated in DOS format?

Yes I’m root
QNX 4.25 : From ‘uname -a’ I get ‘QNX 1 H 425 PCI 32’
Yes I have a floppy device, I did install QNX 4.25 with floppies ; From ‘ls -l /dev/fd0’ I get ‘brw- - - - - 1 root root 2, 1 Dec 31 1969 /dev/hd0’
Note : at the installation I didn’t correct the wrong date …
How can I verify that the floppy is formated in DOS format?
I’m new at that as you can see …

I think you’ll need to start the DOS filesystem manager:

Dosfsys &

The floppy should be in /dos/a (default)

Dosfsys will adopt the drives automatically…

Try “use Dosfsys” for more options…

Thanks it did work :smiley: