help with PtPanelGroup

Hello, I have a problem with PtPanelGroup widget !!

how can i have two different cards with this component??

  • for example, a button appears on all the cards whereas I want that
    it is only posted on 1…

help me!!

I remember, I had the same problem. It was not obvious for me, that you must drop new PtPanel onto PtPanelGroup widget instead of changing titles in Resource tab for PtPanelGroup. I guess, you’ve done the same, haven’t you?

So, try to delete all additional titles you’ve added and just drop some new panels. After you’ve done it, switch among them by modifying “active panel” property for PtPanelGroup.

Let me know about results. :slight_smile:

Sergey is thinking of “PtPane” I belive, there is nothing called “PtPanel”, atleast not in QNX6.

it’s exactly what i need!

thank you for your help