Printing pcl files

I have QNX 6 NC and I am printing via Samba on my HP-LJ4050. First I print my file into a .phs file and then I convert the .phs with phs-to-pcl. The pcl file is spooled to the printer (all with a script).
All works perfect, exept that the pcl files are for us-letter format . As I have a DIN-A4 printer I would like to use this. How can I create pcl files for A4 format ???
The rest is perfect, I can print everything well!!

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When you print to .phs file, is there a selection that you can pick the paper size/type?

Also, does “phs-to-pcl” have any options for changing the page size?

That’s the point:
Neither did I find any option in the photon printing dialog, nor did I find a parameter in the phs-to-pcl converter (at the first glance). But I think it should be somewhere in the phs. printing. Is there a configuration file entry for this when printing to a file (the Preferences-dialog is not available when printing to a file)?

If our document master stever doesn’t know, then no one would know :slight_smile:

Now you’ve put me on the spot!

You can find the config files for the printers in /etc/printers. The one for pcl is (yes) pcl.cfg. I haven’t played with these files very much, but the default does list various paper sizes, including A4. Good luck!

Thank You! I have played a little bit - without effect. I am not quite sure that the pcl.cfg is used either. As far as I understand, this file is used by spooler from photon print jobs, i.e. when printing to a pcl printer. What I do is printing into a phs-file which is converted into pcl via phs-to-pcl. Is one of these also using pcl.cfg or something else?
Another problem with the printer is tray selection. By now tray 1 / US-letter is used which is manual feed. What I need is tray 2 with A4. There are so many different phs-to-pcl params, but none for this? Or is there a phs-file spooling config file ?

I would suspect the page size is really in the phs. The app pages the data when it creates the phs which is why you see no options when you are converting it.

I just looked at the print options in mozilla if I were to print this page and it allows me to choose different sizes - long before the phs-pcl conversion would take place.

Thank You
I also thought so. But has anybody an idea how to configure .phs printing to A4 format? I have no option in the printing dialogue!

Printing in photon is basically drawing a picture into the print context. If the app has chosen to only draw into US letter sized pages, you may be out of luck. Just as an experiment, grab mozilla and print a web page, selecting the correct sized output for your printer. If this works, your original problem is that the program you are using to create the phs doesn’t understand that sometimes people want something other than US letter sized output.

In mozilla, the size options are under properties after you select print.


… ahem, I just try it here and now in mozilla - but:
it shows Printer error: There was a problem printing. No printer found.
This sounds logical, for I do not know how to install a printer in QNX NC (although my samba printer is in the printcap file)