Newbie wants new interface & Apps

I am a brand-new QNXer (just installed last night, as a matter of fact), and I am totally thrilled with how fast it runs on my old system (circa 1997). Also the first distro I could get tunes playing on my system almost right “out of the box.”

However, I would like to dress it up a bit and be able to add some other software. Please excuse me if these requests are mega naive, but I would like to set up the following on my system:

Can someone point me in the right direction re how to get these up and running? What if I come across some other weirdo Linux s/w and want to “roll my own?” Are the steps for transforming (?) Linux s/w for QNX platform very complex? I read somewhere that it was a simple matter of compiling (what, using ‘make’ and wot not?) it and it would run. Is that just crazy/naive/confused talk?

May I also suggest an FAQ section and/or a Getting Started/Newbie Launchpad section for this community?


Whoops! Before I get royally flame-roasted for my last “suggestions” there, I did just see the FAQ links down the left-hand side of the main page. Sorry. My bad. :blush:

I’ll tinker with those tips this weekend

Note, Photon is not X so don’t expect the X apps to run as smooth as the Photon apps.

And, of course. QNX isn’t a “distro”. its a whole operating system.