Parhelia & Audigy drivers


I’ve recently discovered this very nice OS…it kinda reminds me of BeOS in its heyday. My problem is this: I have a SB Audigy sound card that isn’t recognized. Now as far as I’ve seen, there are opensource drivers available for this card at and in Linux it more or less works with the generic included EMU10K1 drivers (they’re supposed to be for the Live, but they work). My programming knowledge is 0, so if anyone could help at least with some knowledge in the matter, your efforts would be much appreciated…As for the other thing, my Matrox Parhelia vidcard isn’t suppoorted…QNX lets me select any rez I want (sweeet! a lot of points over Linux on this one), but won’t allow me to select a bigger than 60Hz refresh rate. Can this option be hacked in the OS itself, so that I can select a normal refresh rate with just the VESA 2.0 generic drivers? If not, I guess there isn’t much that can be done, there are Parhelia XFree 4.2 drivers, but they are binaries, so afaik there isn’t much anyone can do with them, right? As I said, any help would be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

for sound, if the card is supported by ALSA
rumor says it should be easy to port the driver to qnx. there are several
people who are good at that, hope they can comment on it.

for the video, we see another company releasing binary only drivers :frowning:
it seems more and more companies are starting that practice lately.
see my post here about winmodem drivers:

Hi, I am new to QNX (started on Friday), but am already in the middle of writing a driver for my Audigy.

Don’t wait with baited breath, but if I get it to work, I will post here.

I guess I should check ALSA, to see how their Audigy driver is coming along… maybe I can borrow something from that.


It’s only been a few weeks, but I was wondering if you had made any progress? I would forever be in your debt if you got it working :slight_smile:

iMSAR - have you come onto IRC to chat with anyone yet? If not, you should talk with igor and/or lmike. They are the ones that did the drivers that are on the 3rd Party CD.

Any luck so far?