I like to know if its posible to develop java applications with a gui or graphical interface, I mean if it is posible to develop swing or awt applications, because I have installed eclipse and j9 but I can not develop swing applications…

You can’t develop Swing because J9 (from IBM) doesn’t support Swing (from Sun). Apparently Eclipse 3.0 should support developping Swing application.

Well, I understand that, but how can I develop MMI or GUI using java?

I need develop a comercial application with MMI, someone can tell me other tool for doing that besdes PhAB, because I tried QT, but QT in its comercial version doesn’t support QNX…

You could download eclipse.

I’ve downloaded and installed eclipse, but what gain doing that, anyway I can’t develop swing applications and I need a gui application …

Must it be Swing? Maybe SWT would be OK.

Yes, could be SWT, but how can I use SWT?

spidey - it comes with Eclipse. Simply add swt.jar to your project’s library list and away you go.