will Qnx ever be ported to PPC? Either MAC or Pegasos?

It already runs on PPC. Running it on a specific platform is a matter of getting all the devices supports (BSP)

Rumor has it that QSS got it to run on a Mac but given that Apple isn’t make the spec of the hardware public it would have been unprofessional for QSS to releasy it (not to mention running the risk of being sued)

I have QNX running on my Peg2 (and Peg1). Not sure if/when it will become public. If it does it would be in the form of a BSP ($$).

i want QNX on my peg 2 (officialy)…
cdm, does all the components ot QNX work properly on your peg?

Sure. There are two things not working 100% right now. The pci server isn’t seeing the AGP side of the PCI bus and the GiGE driver is having some issues figuring out the phyiscal interface address.