desktop QNX

i would like ot use qnx as a desktop os…does it have.
1 something like mplayer
2 something like winamp or XMMS
3 something like gaim
4 somehting to burn audio and data cd’s

and what are the apps that can do that…or do i have to adapt things from linux?

  1. MPlayer exits for QNX
  2. XMMS exists but there are far better native mp3 players, such as KillerMP3.
  3. Gaim, got it!
  4. Beta packages for cdrecord here:
    (I don’t burn CDs so i can’t attest to its usefulness).

can u post the link for killermp3? by the way any other descktop apps that would make this system a commfortable desktop system?
This site has KillerIRC, KillerWeb and KillerMP3 (axtually the name was changed to KillerAudio)…

When you install QNX, you get mozilla, a cd player, a code editors and other apps. From QNX you get AbiWord, emacs, the Gimp, X11 and tons of other stuff.

Write down what else you need and I’ll tell you if you can get it.

thank you i will post anyhting i can think of…so there is a native port of GIMP? where is it or do i have to compile it? and abiword…does that all cpome with QNX? thats cool if it does…by the way it doesn’t look like killer audio has been updated in a long time…is it curently being developed?

Gimp is available. It actually runs in XPhoton, which is a rootless X11 for QNX. You actually can’t really tell the difference between XPhoton and native apps. No compiling needed. Abiword is fully native. KillerAudio is still being developed. The developer doesn’t update his site often but its under active development.

When you install QNX from the iso, you get the basic eviroment; Photon, Mozilla, and apps. After installing you can download Gimp, Abiword, etc from QNX’s Third Party Repository. Its a massive store of ready to use apps, which are installed via the Package Manger, which handles installing all dependencies. This also where you find updated the KillerAudio, for instance. Some apps haven’t made into the repository yet but you can still get prepackaged binaries for things like Abiword2.

thank you very much zizban you have been very helpfull…so abiword 2 is not there yet…well i hope it is when i get QNX…where is a third part app repository? could u give me a link for that as well? thank you gaain very much…i have hoping QNX will replace linux for me…i love linux but is has gotten very messy over the last year or 2…by the way how much does QNX cost…if anything…and since i assume there is some kind of free version and some kind pf pay version for your average user does it matter whci one youget if you are not doing to be doing much programing in QNX?

Abiword you can download and install via the Package manager from the abiword website. Its just not in the Repository. There other repositories but many are out of date. The developer behind killerstuff has a repository at that has, among other things, updated gaim, XPhoton and X11. The QNX reposiotry requires a free registration to view. Just go to and sign up.

QNX NC is free provided you do not use it in commercial settings or to develop commercial apps. You can write and distribute freeware apps. To actually buy it costs thousands of dollars.

So download QNX Momentic NC and you are off.

by the way when QNX boots does it start in terminal mode or GUI mode? and if in terrminal whats the command to start photon?

It starts in GUI mode, with a login box. It defaults to a root user with no password. You’ll want to make a password and a regular user.

Update mozilla from here,

the script “ph” starts the photon window system, so just type “ph” if you are in a terminal, but at default you aren’t, but just in case :slight_smile:.

I also have a few more *nix applications ported/packaged for QNX 6.2.x @ . The vary from micq,naim,gyach,sylpheed,sdldoom etc. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Ah, wonderful, I thought that your site will be down forever…what was the problem? I saw that fedora linux distribution was used as the server os…

Looked like there was a small burp as the servers were being upgraded which caused the downtime. Everything is alive and well again :slight_smile: