qnx4: Fujitsu/Siemens LIFEBOOK B-2175 and CDROM on PCMCIA.

Just bought this lovely thingy…

I did manage to install QNX v4.25G and all the stuff via a DOS partition.
All works well, I just think if it’s [im]possible to have QNX4 seeing a CDROM via PCMCIA slot.

The Pcmcia.365sl does see a chip but not what’s beyond it. Is it possible to install some filesystem on it?

Thank you in advance.

If “pin” can see it, you can probably start Fsys.eide for the port/irq manually and then Iso9660fsys. Check the documents on those two drivers for details.

Aha, thank you!

Pcmcia.365sl reports just a port number but no irq vector.

I’ll try pin now…

This is what I get:

[i]pin status
Sock Win Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ Base Size DMA
1 0 Memory C—M----------W None - -

pin resource
free memory: 0xD5000-0xD5FFF

in-use memory: 0xD4000-0xD4FFF
free io ports: 0x320-0x33F
reserved free io ports: 0x170-0x177 0x2E8-0x2EF 0x376-0x377 0x3E8-0x3EF
free interrupts: 7 11 12
in-use interrupts: 5

pin config
pin: unknown or missing card type.
; socket 1
register = 0, 0x40, 0x40 ; level mode interrupts

pin cis
Socket : 1[/i]

What to do?

Well, if “pin” shows a “memory” card, it means “not supported”. You may be able to tweak the pcmcia config file to get it recognized. After that, you can worry about Fsys.eide and Iso9660fsys.

In the lastest QNX4 patch there is a totaly new PCMCIA driver called pccard, and along with it an all new set of utility. Give that a try.

Thank you, mario.

This is what pccard -v reported:
22:18:44 18 5 Socket state 80
22:18:44 18 5 Card Inserted
22:18:44 18 5 5.0V Card
22:18:45 18 5 Powered up 1
22:18:45 18 5 pccard: Unable to obtain memory - Start a000 - End fffff
22:18:46 18 5 Socket state c0
22:18:46 18 5 Card Inserted

…then it waits quite long to make me typing Ctrl-C and then it brings the prompt back.
pccard stays in the process list, the LED on the drive lights up.

What to do next?

PS. windowsME reports: O2Micro OZ6933 CardBus controller, the plug-in module is FREECOM’s make.

The Unable to obtain memory is very suspicious. Try posting on the newsgroup the author if pccard is always monitoring the conferences and will surely try to help you.