doxygen documentation for 200 + CPP files

Hi Readers,

This is Subho from Calcutta, India. I would be greatful if anyone can suggest me something regarding Doxygen.

My question is:

Scenario: Already existing 200 + CPP files with C++ standard documentation ( // and /* …*/ types)

I’m actually using Doxygen to extract the documentation part and do other normal tasks of doxygen.

Steps I’ve followed:

In one CPP file, I have used the markups, @a, @param @class etc to extract documentations. But it’s not possible manually to do this for the whole project !. What’s the solution ?

What I want :
SOMETHING TO SET, SO THAT DOXYGEN WILL TAKE //parts from the source code as comments to extract. I don’t want to replace // with //< in 50 thousand locations :smiley:

Have I made my question clear ???. Please do reply …

Waiting for your comment(s)

Thanks and Cheers !
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It doesn’t sound like a QNX question :slight_smile:
I would suggest to check with doxygen experts on their mailing list: