porting alive to qnx6

qnx6 newbie here

is the alive qnx4 source code available somewhere to help porting to
qnx6 ?? has anyone ported wss qnx4 to qnx6 ??

how do other folks status manage qnx6 network nodes ??


Even if you had the source to qnx4 alive program, you couldn’t port it. QNX6 has not netmap so it doesn’t know which node should be there or not. In order to do that you would need to build a list of machine name you expect to be there then try to access them, access("/dev/net/
") and build the list of up down machine yourself.

ls -l /net will give you info on active network computers
I just added an entry to my .kshrc file
alias alive=“ls -l /net”

Good luck