Please help, got a big problem with a monitor...

OK here’s the history: I work in a Print Plant, and for the Expedition Area we use computers running QNX 4.24 with Photon Microgui. The problem is, recently we bought new monitors for the system (from Philips model 105B to 105E), but it seems they are not supported. When the OS starts, the screen gets black.

I think it may be a refresh rate problem, but what can I do to solve the problem, if there’s a solution?

Here are some details you may find useful:

OS: QNX 4.24 with Photon Microgui
videocard: S3 Trio 64 VX
Video configs: 1024x768, 256 color, 8 bit, Dithering: ALWAYS, Refresh Rate: MEDIUM

Another thing, I am completely new to this OS, and our installation process is kind of automatic, ie. when necessary we just have to follow some steps and the OS + Photon + expedition program is installed.

Thanks in advance!!

Put one of the old monitors back on and run ‘crttrap clear’. Then shutdown and switch monitors. When it boots up, you should get a selection dialog (I think - it has been a while). You can choose a different working resolution from that dialog.

If that doesn’t work, with the old monitor you can change the screen resolution to something safe 640x480x8 and then switch monitor and play with the settings til it works.

Thank you for the reply. Indeed I was able to get into the selection dialog. I’m still worried though, because until this very moment I’m not possible to set the resolution at 1024x768 without getting the black screen. Another thing is, the bundle building system program we use do not auto resize its screen, so if we don’t set the resolution exactly to 1024x768, a large portion of the screen is croped.

I’m quite frustrated, as it’s obvious that this new monitor is the natural sucessor to the old one. How come it’s not working?

Any other ideas?

Again, thanks a lot!

Maybe you should consider upgrading to QNX 4.25 and latest Photon 1.1x