Connecting WinNT and Qnx via Samba

I’m having trouble networking a WinNT and QNX 4.24 using samba… the machines are connected via a cable running between a couple of NICs… Both nics appear to be configured properly…

The Samba software appears to be installed and set up properly despite one machine being unable to view the other…

Unable to ping one machine from the other (Qnx to Winnt, or Winnt to Qnx) which suggests that the problem might run deeper then samba… when one machine trys to ping the other a time out error occurs…

I’m a little stumped at this point as to where to go next, any help offered would be appreciated… Thanks

This might be helpful… when I run “smbclient -L NFLGAPP” the following readout appears…

[i]added interface ip= bcast= nmask-
Anoymous login successful
Domain=[NFL] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.0.7]

Sharename Type Comment

IPC$ IPC IPC Service (Samba Server)

Server Comment

WorkGroup Comment
-------------- ---------------[/i]

First you need to be able to ping the other machine, otherwise nothing else is going to work. Post the output of
netinfo -l and ifconfig en1 on QNX4 and ipconfig on Windows

Alright, tried this and I believe my Net.ether905 file is corrupted (makes sense lifted, from the older system whose hardrive had just crashed)…

The netinfo -l output is as follows…
Driver SSlot 0: Driver Pid 48 Logical Net 1 Network Card: Ethernet/3C905 netinfo: Net.ether905 returned bad status 89 (function not implemented)

Do you know where I would be able to get a new Net.ether905 file?

Get the update on QNX site.