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Not being too much of a gamer, I grabbed a port of Unreal Tournament to see if it’d run any good on my laptop. I’m not sure if anybody else has it running, so I figured I’d ask before I hunted down the ‘porter’ of it. I also found Hexen (which runs almost perfectly and Q3A - which I have yet to finish downloading). for a timeline of running UT and a backtrace. I’d love if anybody could help me out, but, we’ll see, and thanks.


Unreal Tourny and Q3A run great on QNX so long as you have an old 3dfx card (thats the only supported 3d card for those 2 games)

Ok, thanks. Would not having a supported 3dfx card, induce a coredump though ?

UT would probably core, yes. Q3A on the other hand would exit quietly (if no 3dfx card was found) and it would start Doom instead. So long as Doom is installed.

what other comercial games run on QNX

Not sure how many actually exist but heres some i know of…
Unreal Tourny, Q3A, Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Duke Nukem, Quake, Wolf3d.
Then theres a slew of other SDL games and emulators like snes9x, phMAME, Dosbox, ScummVM etc. And of course some console and photon native games to further your gaming needs.

photon natvie games? for example? and how do u configure wolf3d to work on QNX? jsut get the linux version and make sure QNX have all the dependancies?

e.g.: Photon Columns Version 0.1

Photon Native like the card games that come with the CD repository; Video Poker, Orthello, Peg, Solitaire and Columns. I also have ‘robotfindskitten’ it’s a fun/time-wasting little game ( Thanks for the replies.


it looks liek the quake3 thats ther is jsut the demo is the full version abot to be played if i have the cd? and is there a way i can patch it to the most recent patch (1.32 i think)

Try replacing the WAD file or whatever the equivelant is in Quake. Apart from that, I don’t know, I haven’t even installed it.

i dont even have qnx yet i am wating for 6.3 so it might be alittle while before i do this but thank you i am very interested in QNX

If you have the full version of Q3A, upon install of the QNX package it will ask if you have a previous installation (e.g. on a windows partition) and it simply symlinks to that installs pack files.
Unreal Tourney is somewhat similar although if i remember correctly you have to manually copy the files from UT’s cd to the specified UT dir on QNX.
I packaged lsdldoom and you can get it here →

–cheers :smiley: