PVR / VCR on QNX ?

Hello everybody,

I just want to ask, if there exists any video recording software on QNX-OS ?

I’m looking for anything similar to showshifter on windows ( www.showshifter.com )

It doesn’t matter if it’s freeware or if it cost something.

Thanks for your answers

Greets VPCoder

You can contact QNX sales, they do have bits and pieces (like support for TV tuner) but it’s not generic enough to be included in the standard OS. So it can be done but it’s going to be expensive (money and time wise) to come up a professional solution.

Hi Mario,

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it’s not the thing, I wanted to hear :frowning:
Perhaps, there will exist such a software in a year or so.

Greets VPCoder

My gut feeling tells me you shouldn’t count on it.