is there anyone currently woring on the QNX abiword port? it says on the site not to expect a release for a very long time…

Sure there is a port. Abiword 1.x is in the third party repository and the abiword website as an QNX package for 2.x


Its 2.0.6 thats behind but 2.0.2 is fine. BTW the abiword for qnx is a one man deal, so have patience.


I’m the maintainer of the QNX Abiword port.

I am in the middle of my military service and the Abiword port unfortunatly got a bit low priority :frowning:.

I’ll try and make a build of the latest STABLE branch, however it can be a bit tricky as I havn’t even tried compiling it in a long time :frowning:

Currently i’m working on the HEAD branch making it 6.3 compatible… no. i’m making it use all the superneat features in 6.3 :slight_smile:
My goal is to have a fully up-to-date 6.3 release, with all dialogs, working drawing area (without flickering!!) and two builds, one with plugins and one without. (Due to limitations in the QNX dlopen/DLL support, I’m not able to use dynamically loaded plugins :frowning: )

Also, please post bugs on the QNX Frontend to the Abiword Bugzilla, it really motivates you to know someone is acctually using it! :slight_smile:


well i want to say thank your very much for this port and i am sure the entire community feels the same. keep up the greatt work and good luck on your military service.

BTW I tried the version 2.0.2 but there is a libpng12.so.0 required, which I have not been able to find. Any ideas?

phearbear - did you see the newsgroup posting about dlopen()? Or is this the C++ issue?

libpng can be found in the 3rd party online repository.
download.qnx.com/contrib/reposit … sitory.qrm
or get the iso @ openqnx.com/Article117.html

The machine I want to get it for is not connected (it’s a long story),
How does one go about downloading the files
somewhere to use offline ie without using the s/w installer
to connect to the online repository? Which files are required-
I suppose the qpk, qpm, what about the repdate directory?

You can download the third party stuff as an iso image (see link above), burn it to the cd, then put it in the qnx machine. You then point the installer to the cd.

of course-I wasn’t planning on downloading the who ~600MB, but
I think I will after all.


hey just wanted to know if you are still planning to port abiword 2.2 stable to QNX? hope all is well :smiley:

I am working on trying to get 2.4 to compile…does okay except wv complains about libiconv being missing when its there…grumble grumble.