Replace procnto by procnto-instr ?

I would like to replace, on a classic installation of QNX, my normal kernel by the instrumented kernel (procnto by procnto-instr)… What do I have to do ??
What is the procedure ?

Thank you ! … intro.html

I read it before, thank you… but I don’t know where to find the system buildfile to edit it… (and to replace the .boot file by the .ifs result).

Default build script (Pre 6.3.0): /boot/build/
Default built image (Pre 6.3.0): /boot/fs/qnxbasedma.ifs - The actual running image is /.boot or /.altboot
Instrumented kernel: /boot/sys/procnto-instr

General procedure follows …

Copy to a new file, say
cp /boot/build/ /boot/build/

Edit the new build file, changing the procnto entry to procnto-instr.

Simple build command:
mkifs myinstrdma.ifs

Copy the new image file to .boot:
cp /boot/fs/myinstrdma.ifs /.boot


If the reboot fails then you still have .altboot available to save your bacon. :slight_smile:
PS: Keep in mind that I haven’t done this myself.

All of this assume you are not running NC, since there is no mkifs included in the non-commercial version.