QNX Live CD & ethernet card problems

Hi, I have tried “Non-Commercial Self-hosted (x86) QNX” - ~250 MB .iso . I’ve burnt it on CD and booted QNX from the CD. Looks fine, but didn’t recognize my ethernet card automatically (even the simpliest 50MB Linux did!!) , and I wasn’t able to get my Realtek 8139 work. To be more concrete, Micronet SP2500. And I am NOT the only one with this problem - noone I know was able to install Micronet’s cards in QNX. I have similar problems like described in this forum. Why has QNX to be so undone? …

So, could anyone please tell me, what exactly should I do to complete such trivial and basic thing as installing the ethernet card? I’m fed up with QNX’s help, because it is very confusing - the programs do not behave as described, etc.

And another big problem is that this distribution has so few utilities included that it is almost unusable. There is about 400 MB of free space; why isn’t it filled with some useful software, QNX ports, and so on?

Thanks, desperate Ondra Zizka

First, make sure your card and chip set are supported. Checking the hardware databe, I see it is, though the exactly brand you have isn’t. Sometimes there is subtle differences between vendors.

Second, run pin in the terminal and post the output here.

Third, QNX is not a distribution, it is an OS. It is not Linux, nor is it aimed at the same audience as Linux is so the hardware support will not be a great as Linux.

Lastly, the live CD is meant as a demo and to check hardware compatibility. If you install QNX to a harddrive, there is plenty of third party packages to install. You just can’t install 'em to a live cd.

  1. The architecture should be supported.
  2. Ok, I’ll, maybe; see next
  3. Ok, I admit and agree
    4a) I would expect the live CD to create at least a ramdisk just to let e.g. vim to write to /tmp - now, it doesn’t even start.
    4b) I’ve discussed this with Nicoya on #qnx; well there’s so few soft because of support would be expected from qnx then. But anyway, with few more utilities and programs, QNX CD could be useful as a recovery CD or something like that…


Yes and I forgot - about the eth card issue:
The problem is that when booted from CD, QNX launches as 6.2… see:

ondra: what version of qnx?
Launched from CD
if you’re launched from the cd, it’s not quite the latest
the cd installs 6.2, then updates it to 6.2.1 or whatever
and the base 6.2 has an rtl driver which doesn’t work
Hmm so with the live CD, I cant detect Realtek?
it should work if you actually install it
That’s quite important information
I wonder why qnx doesn’t mention it :frowning: It took me 2 days
because they fixed it in 6.2.1? :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that! things you learn!

I think another point worth mentioning is the QNX CD was never intended as a ‘Live’ CD in the way that has become popular to market. Primarily, and by design, it is an installation CD. If you installed it, it would have worked.

Having said that, I have had no end of problems because the CD has a 6.2.0 boot image, although it is a 6.2.1 install disk. On more than one occasion, I have tried to boot an existing 6.2.1 installation with it, and although it works, it is messy because of changes in libc.

We can hope it will be cleaner in the future.