can't find /dev/socket

I installed QNX6.21 on a machine and, when rebooting after installation, i can’t find /dev/socket. So the network doesn’t work.

When does the /dev/socket appear in the booting sequence?

Can anybody help me to fix it? Thanks!

If i understand correctly /dev/socket should appear after tcpip module has been loaded into io-net. That is running ‘io-net -ptcpip’ or ‘mount -Tio-net’

Check ‘pidin -Pio-net arg’ for your initial io-net arguments and ‘pidin -Pio-net mem’ for loaded modules.

Thank you, mezek!
I noticed that this erro occurs when I modified the /etc/…/include/net
-p tcpip
I changed to -p ttcpip. Then qnx reports it can’t find
I change the file back and get no problem an more.