phditto qnx v6 vs. qnx v4.25

i am trying in vain to ‘connect’ from a qnx 6.2.1 machine to a qnx 4.25 server, be it by local network or modem. the phditto window opens properly and i can see the remote graphics for a couple of seconds, then the connection closes.

connection to other qnx v6 machine runs perfectly well.
any hints where to search next ?

regards HELGE

Does it crash? ie. Is there a dump file in /var/dumps for phditto? I have used it successfully from 6.x to 4.x, so I know it works.

it does not explicitly ‘crash’, it simply closes the window and i can go on working on both machines.
as to the /var/dumps/Phditto.core file, shall i post it here or do you recommend i do some research on my own ?i have no concept of the chinese parameters in it and i wonder if i might find an explanation in one of the much-advertised books here above.
may be a good reason to finally get my hand on one of them ?
regards HELGE

I would post the results of ‘coreinfo /var/dumps/phditto.core’ to one of the QNX newsgroups and see if someone there can give you more info.


ouch, i am feeling sorry for not kind of closing this thread.
the problem was with the “-o1” option, which someone suggested here in a different thread.
now for those who search this site for a similar problem the comand line says now :
phditto -h715 -w1007 -n/dev/ph+ -o1 -t10.0.0.14 -U[user] -s[service]
actually, the style of the letters is very ugly and they are too big, so the text boxes from the QNXv4.25 machine are cut by around 30 percent on my QNXv6 screen. nothing serious, though.
thanks for staying patient, regards HELGE