function call for menue items

hi all,
thats my problem:

i got a Menue item named ex: “File”

then i got the menue items: save file, exit

on this exit submenue i want to call a function (function name is “exitApp”) in my (cause i got all the source in one file), so i click on the exit menu item and write in the

field Callback:

but that doesnt work =(

i think i have to create a callback first for the menu item, but i dont know how, cause it doesnt work like buttons where u do it like this

[code]void my_func()
PtCallback_t cb;
PtArg_t args[1];

cb.event_f = my_cb; = NULL; // unless you want to pass data to your callback func

PtSetArg(&args[0], Pt_CB_WHATEVER_CB, &cb, 1 );
PtSetResources(your_widget, 1, args );
} [/code]
any idea how this works?

other question:
someone got a programmed “save as” code what i could use? would be great



As replied in chat, you just have to press the “done” button in PhAB to set your callback. This will destroy your parent container and terminate the application