SocketMan Library select() failure on QNX

Has anybody managed to compile and successfully run theSocketman library from ?

I’ve compiled the lib (after a few tweaks) and built the testprogs . I’ve got the polling server working OK, but the servers test progs that use select() are failing on the select call. I’m looking at it at the moment but would be really happy if somebody else has got this running.

How many fd’s are they passing into select? I think it supports a max of 32 by default.

Their code was using :
width = getdtablesize();
This yielded 100.

I changed this to 32 for a quick test and no problems now. I’ll mod the code to set it as highest fd +1

Thanks very much for the prompt reply. Much appreciated.


u can change maximum number of fd’s by doing this

#define FD_SETSIZE 1000
#include <sys/socket.h>

Thank Mezek. FD_SETSIZE is in fact set to 32 and was conditionally used for HP and WIN32 builds of the library. I’ve set the program to use this for QNX a well.
SocketMan is now running and is a useful library for building clients/servers quickly.

Thank to all.