Audio driver SBC-GX1

I have a SBC-GX1 and QNX 6.2.0 and I have problems with the audio. I try to mount a geode driver but i have problems:

  • First the pci identifie
    Class = Multimedia ( Audio)
    Vendor ID = 1078h, Cyrix Corporation
    Device ID = 103h, Cx 5530 XpressAUDIO
    PCI index = 0h
    PCI mem Address = 40011000h enable
    PCI Int Pin = NC
    Interrupt line =0

    then enum-devices does not identificate

  • Second I try to use a geode driver but:

Geode Audio Native Driver Mode not supported (ffff), exiting !!!
init_card: unable to init dll
mount_card():failed to Initialize card geode pci=00

I do not what to do, because in indicate that the drive is this

can somebody help me ? Thanks