Windows-QNX6 Port and makefiles


I am new to IDE. I am porting an app developed on Windows (Visual Studios C++) to QNX6. although I could reproduce the same nested dir tree containing different subsystem sources in an IDE “QNX C/C++ App” project by “importing” the tree structure, I don’t get makefiles for each level. I believe I have to make my own makefiles, in the traditional sense of each line containing a target and rule for making each object . I realize that MS Studios does not use makefiles, and takes care of building the nested directories automatically, alas no meaningfull control is provided to the user.

Can anyone confirm that the only way to proceed is to create my own makefiles for each subdirectory, and make the Makefile at the top of the tree traverse through each tree branch, one by one, and manually invoke them? It just seems that makefile creation is somewhat automated in IDE, but not all the way - just enough to meet QNX’s internal “structure” requirement of CPU/VARIANT etc.

If you have an example, please attach to reply.

LayZ Porter