QSA Mixer configuration

Hi there!

Let me give you the details about the source of my frustration.

I am running QNX6.2.1 on a Biscayne box. My /dev/snd is like
controlC0 pcmC0D0c pcmC0D1p pcmPreferredp@
mixerC0D0 pcmC0D0p pcmPreferredc@

What I want to do:

I want to take the audio input from the mic AND line-in and output the same to Line-out in a way that mic in goes to Line-out right and line-in left goes to line-out left and line-in right is ignored.

From the QNX.com site i got some example code through which I could record a wave file but it takes the input only from the mic-in. I tried to look into the snd_mixer_group_t of all the mixer groups and my details for mic-in are

Number of channels: 3
Caps: 40000050
name: Mic In
Front Left: 0
Front Right: 0
Mute: 0
Capture: 3
Min: 0
Max: 0

I think the caps means that this is an exclusive capture group :frowning: and so I cannnot capture any other group.

q1: is it possible for me to do what I wish to do with this sound card? If yes, how?

Details for Line In are similar except that the capture is 0.

I tried setting the Line In capture to 3, this automatically set the mic in capture to 0, but even after that I was not able to record anything from Line-In or mic. Is it because I did something wrong or do I have to set the Line-in volume also? The max volume is zero though.

BTW, snd_pcm_plugin_setup tells me that the “best” mixer group for me is Input Gain which I guess is the multiplexed of all the inputs (or is it not?)

Any help/code snippets/pointers to useful documentation will be highly appreciated. Considering I knew nothing about QSA a week back, I have developed some (mis)understanding but it looks like I need some help to get rid of this creeping frustration.

Thanks a lot for your time!