I just saw the announced pricing…are there any details for a PE version or NC version?


A article lilnked from the top story on the front page:

That will be for Professional Edition (PE). NC is only for Non-Commercial use and is not charged for. Standard Edition (SE) is midway between them, containing the shell based build tools but not the Eclipse based build tools.

I was asking because there wont be a NC for 6.3

evanh: Can I take it from what you’re saying that there will be a free version of 6.3?

Do we know how much SE will be?

opps, SE is about half price.

Sorry, I have no idea on how the 6.3.0 release is going to be structured.

As far as I know you can request/download the 30-day-evaluation version - after this period you have a fullyNC-like system, but qcc (not gcc) and the IDE will get “deactivated”.

Huh? gcc will get deactivated?

Do read what neoman said again… read it slowly if you still don’t get it.

So the ide and its tie in with gcc will deactivated but not gcc itself. Did I get it right? (still a bit confused)

The QNX specific parts of Eclipse, qcc and mkxfs (mkifs/mkefs) will be license locked.

I guess PhAb will still be in the free version?

the “free” version will have everything PE has. So yes.

I guess he was asking whether PhAb will “expire” like qcc. assuming there will be three versions out there in users’ hand: “commercial version”, “eval version” and free version (a.k.a “expired eval version”). I am sure some people will end up with the “free version” either because their continued eval request gets denied or they are “lazy” and don’t want to keep asking for a new license every month :slight_smile: