Seeking advice on disk imaging or backup methods: QNX 4.25

I am pretty much a QNX newbie. Although we have had some of the QNX 4.25 systems for about 2 years, they have been pretty trouble free. However, I need to get into a better situation concerning backup/recovery.

We have several systems that I would like to backup or preferably image. I have an external USB 2.0 200 Gig hdd. I would like to use a boot floppy of some kind, run a disk image program and save the image to the USB drive.

I’ve tried Drive Image, True Image and Ghost 5.? (5.2 I think)
Drive Image and True Image both produced images that could not be restored. Both packages claimed the images that they produced successfully, were corrupt when I tried to restore them.

I have successfully imaged and restored a test QNX 4.25 disk using Ghost - at a smoking speed of about 50 mb/sec. I can only do so on a Windows 98 se machine running Ghost, with a QNX drive installed as a slave. I can’t make it work from a boot floppy. By the time I get the Win98 boot, Duse DOS USB drivers, large drive patch and Ghost loaded up, I run out of memory.

If it turns out that I just can not do disk imaging, I would appreciate help coming up with a standard procedure to restore a crashed disk. The limitation is that the only write output I have is 1.4 mb floppy. I have cdrom but not r/w.

I suppose I could save the boot image and application files and ?? on floppies.
Then, if (when) a disk crashes, I can install the OS on a new hdd, then copy the application files back. But this is obviously more work (more importantly, time consuming) than simply restoring a disk image.

Any advice, help or ideas is appreciated.

I have been able to use Ghost 2003 to backup QNX 6.2 system. I ghost the drive over ethernet to my notebook computer then burn a CD from my notebook. The backups have worked without problems so far. The only problem that I have is that Ghost does not understand the QNX file structure so it does an image of the sectors. What I now find is that the backup image keeps growing. I would be interested in finding a defragmentation tool and maybe a tool to clear out the data in the free disk space so that my backup can be reduced to something that will fit on a single CD. Does anyone know if there is a tool for defragmenting a QNX drive / partition?

I do not use anything else but tar and gzip.
I have the boot-floppy, it lets me to start Fsys.eide and mount partition, fdisk, dinit are there too (just in case). Then I start TCP/IP and move the archive from|to the server.

May be my way is not that fast, as Ghost.


There is none.

That doesn’t copy old style licenses (assuming you have any).

Actually, I’ve never seen any of those!

(cp //node/dev/hd0t77 //another_node/image_name will do the trick.)

This will work ONLY if the driver you restore to has the same size has the original, so in general that’s dangerous. In 2 years from now you are unlikely to find the same type for HD -)

And what if I just mount //another_node/image_name and copy files to my node?
I think this cannot fail no matter what…