Non-paged memory for image grab

Question from a newbie…
We try to grab images from a Matrox grabbing board, with qnx 6.2.1.
Under Windows, i can easily modify in the boot.ini the memory considered by the pc and keep non-paged memory to save pictures directly from the board.
Is that option as easy to get with qnx so that only a certain amount of memory is used by the system and the other part is considered for grabbing only?
Thks for your help

That principal aren’t the same (the windows stuff sounds like a hack to me).

It depends on what type of board it is. Does it has its own memory or does it dump it in the pc memory. PCI or ISA?

You need some sort of driver to get the card to work. You have to write it or it’s already availble, if so doesn’t that driver already provides services to get access to the image?