Improve QNET network response

I have a real-time application with 2 computers, sharing HW resorces by QNET (100M ethernet LAN). I need to improve the network response, that is now about 40-60 ms.
Can I do something to modify the priority of the network manager or another procedure to inmprove Qnet response?


You can bump the io-net priority and the network driver priority, but I doubt it will change too much.

The large chage comes if you can combine several small transfers into a bigger one.

Hello. The problem we have (JERONIMO and I) is that we have two processes in two different computers.
Both are resource managers and one need to comunicate with the other (just a few bytes, 10 bytes) with QNET.
The time response of the network is about 20-40 ms and what I dont understand is that if in one computer I move the mouse or I move a window, the time response get higher. The processes are running at a high priority and there is not such problem when they dont communicate with each other with QNET.

Is there any way of reduce that time or getting a constant time between both?

What could be happen?We have tried to change the priority of the io-net driver and we havent found the solution.

Thank you very much