Filesystem problems

On startup, my QNX machine has been complaining that it has detected a corrupt filesystem, so I ran chkfsys and it said:

Corrupt file (uses one or more blocks used by another file: 0x1303A8).
[ /usr/photon/bin/ ]
Copy, then zap the file/directory after ‘chkfsys’ (some data probably lost).

So, like a good lad, I backed up /usr/photon/bin and attempted to zap it, but it reports:

zap: Error opening drive /pkgs/repository/ag/xearth/core-1.1b4/x86

It used to say the same about AbiWord, until I uninstalled it.

What gives? If it’s serious, then I’ll wait for 6.3 and take the opportunity to format my disk…



hey, maybe your pkg filesystem is screwed up.
Good thing 6.3 will get rid of the fs-pkg ;)

I would try this all without fs-pkg running (including the chkfsys run) and I suspect that it will work. As noc suggested, I assume fs-pkg is getting in the way.


Thanks rick, I’ll try that, why does it always seem like everyone has 6.3 except me…

That’s not true - but certainly a lot of the big contributor’s to the community were invited in the current beta round. It only seems like a lot because they are the active ones on the web sites, irc, etc… ;)