How to boot a QNX image?

First, thanks cdm for your answer about my doxygen question. I have
compiled it with success.
Now, I have another problem, :confused:

I have an embedded system with a Compact Flash of 32 Mb. That must be enough to have the operating system image and all my C programs.

The IDE Compact Flash is detected by the operating system, so I can
access to it and copy files without any problem (the access is the
same as for a hard disk).

The easiest way of making an image and to boot it, is to install QNX
from CD ( for example) and change the image file ( I cant do it because the minimum install for QNX 6.1 is about 55 Mb, I think).

I would like to boot using BIOS a QNX image that must be in the
Compact Flash.
I understand how to build an image, but after building it, how to boot?. Copying the .ifs to .boot is not enough…

Thank you

First, you will need to fdisk the drive. Within fdisk setup a QNX partition and set it to be bootable. Save and quit fdisk. Then use “mount -e /dev/hd1” to re-enumerate your disk. Then you use dinit on the newly created partition, probably /dev/hd1t79. Then you can mount the partition and copy the generated ifs file to .boot on that mount.