Double click callback

Just a quickie, is there a callback for double click, right mouse button, middle mouse button etc?

Actually I lied, one more question… I made a PtBkgd in PhAb, and put a callback onto it at runtime i.e. not using PhAb, but the callback is not called (Pt_CB_ARM), on being clicked, but lots of my other callbacks for widgets created at runtime work fine, co-incindence or do I have to do something special?



Off the top of my head, I believe there is a count field in the click message and you can check to see how many times the user clicked in the callback. Been a while since I looked at it tho, so I may be mistaken.


See “Selecting widgets” in the description of PtBasic in the Widget Reference. This section describes all of the callbacks that you’re looking for.

As for PtBkgd, I don’t think it’s selectable by default; try setting Pt_SELECTABLE in its Pt_ARG_FLAGS resource.

Thanks to rick and steve, both problems now resolved!