help italiano

they are an old customer win that partition of my has installed QNX in
disk 1 (fat32) that it has others 2 partitions (fat32) not of system.
Disk 2 (fat32) is instead of system,and has a DVD and a CD-rom and one
old modem standard 33000 on com1:
I do not know like making in order to read the other partitions and to read from dvd or

cdrom, and Internet logon falls with this log;
opening device/dev/ser1
initializing modem
dialing 7010187187
connect 57600
link established
negotiating ppp connection
ppp(995344.1):¶ppp 2.3.5 started by (… user)
pppd strarted
ppp (995344.1):using interface ppp0
"connect ppp0< – >/dev/ser1
"lcp:timeout sending config-request
"connection terminated

The modem has always worked well with win98, nt4, win2000 and XP: I can make
for all these questions???’’’’
Hi,thanks to all

One very important class of “clues” are “debug info”. You get them by asking for debug info. (PPP options and syslog.conf settings).

“LCP: timeout sending config request.” is a missleading message. What it really means is “LCP: negotiation failed to reach agreement”. Without looking at the negotiation it’s veryt difficult to guess why.