ELO Touch screen configuration

Does anyone know how to configure the ELO touch screen interfaced via the serial port 1 or com port 1 ?
I did this in the input.4 file but don’t work.

path : etc/configure/trap/input.4

kbd fd -d/dev/kbd
ps2 -r kb -2
intellitch -b -h1000
uart -1

Don’t know if this will help or not, but we use an ELO touchscreen on our Qnx4 (and older Qnx2) systems, but not connected to a standard serial port. We use a keyboard, but no mouse, and we run Qnx Windows.
The touch screen is connected to its own serial interface card. The touch screen with interface is called: ELO E271-2201 AccuTouch ISAbus interface board.

Here’s the abbreviated startup script that we utilize:

Node dependent calibration data file.


Start the graphics driver, at one higher than this shell’s priority.

nice --1 /windows/bin/gr.vga &

Start the Touch device, at one higher than this shell’s priority.

nice --1 Touch &

Start the touch driver, at one higher than this shell’s priority.

It is an ELO E271-2201 AccuTouch for ISA PC-BUS.

-ddevname → device name

-v → verbose

-i2 → interrupt 2

-p280 → port/address 0x0280

abs -fname → calibration file name

nice --1 Input -d/dev/touchin -v intellitch elo -I -i2 -p280 abs -f $CALIB_FILE &

If the touch screen hasn’t been calibrated:

Initiate the touch calibration process, and then reboot.

if test -r $CALIB_FILE
sleep 10
sleep 2

thank for your help :laughing: