conflict with onboard network card versus 3Com905

dear QNX friends
I install in a PC Hewlett Packard a 3Com905 with QNX 4.25 and I disabled the onboard network card by the BIOS setup but the OS detect (Nettrap)the onboard card like a Net.tr164a -pA20 -l1 and Net.tr164a -pA24 -l2
the PC is hang up when I intent contact throught by the network .
Do you have any idea to dsable he detection of the onboard card because the motherboard hasn´t got any physycal device (jumper, etc) to do it

many thanks in advance


Look in the file /etc/config/sysinit.X (X being the node number) The command “nettrap” should be in there somewhere, comment it out. nettrap scan for network card and start the appropriate driver.

The command nettrap isn´t it in the sysinit.node the driver of the onboard card is not running but the PC qnx hang up when i try to transfer any data from other pc of the network !