GDB problems...

Hi all,

I am trying to debug a large C++ project with GDB/DDD but I am having great difficulty at the moment as the debugger hangs (i.e. remains busy
indefinitely, uses 100% of the processor) when I open some source files. It will also hang when I step through code in other files that will actually
open or if I attempt a backtrace at any time.
If the debugging problem is caused by the application itself, is there a
workaround? Obviously if I can’t open all the source files I can’t debug
I am using Momentics PE 6.2.1A IDE to compile and link.

As always, any help is much appreciated,
Ronan K

PS If anybody is interested I can make the source code and executable
available to reproduce the problem.
The program itself makes heavy use of the STL (if that is relevant) and
compiles and runs without difficulty in Linux and Windows. It runs in QNX
too but returns rubbish values (constantly 0 or time-out).

Are you running the IDE native in Neutrino, or trying to work with it in Windows?

Also how are the file accesses? Are they all local to gdb, or are their network issues involved?


Using the IDE in Neutrino .
All the source file accesses are local. The program itself can access remote machines but that is the only component related to networks and the option is not even being used for the time being.
I believe the problem relates to gdb itself ( in QNX). I received an email from QNX today in which they told me: " [there is a] bug in the debug information parser where certain C++ programs cause gdb to get stuck spinning. The PRs referenced are 15264 and 15107 and were fixed in 6.2.1b."
I also tried compiling the program using the -gdwarf-2 option as this has fixed the problem in the past , but unfortunately it did not work for me.

Best regards,

Can you upgrade to 6.2.1B? If you can duplicate the problem without the IDE involved, then the problem is probably what QSS says it is.


I can’t upgrade to 6.2.1B because we are on the educational programme (I am a University student and QNX suited my application so they kindly offered us a trial).
I can duplicate the problem without the IDE and on different QNX machines.
I will see what else QNX can recommend.
Appreciate the help.