TCPIP programming with QNX4

I need to write a QNX app that communicates over TCP/IP with another app running on Windows 2000. The Windows app will act as a surrogate and collect data then return it to the QNX app.
I am familiar with socket programming on Windows, but not QNX.
Where can I find WatcomC 10.5 samples of TCPIP programs for QNX4.25?

Here are my versions:
Proc32 4.25L
Fsys 4.24V
Socket 4.25H

Thanks for the help.

Search the net from any basic unix tcpip tutorials. It is based on a BSD stack, so the BSD style examples should work.


Samples are directly in WatcomC online help:

TCP/IP for QNX 4.25->Programmer’s guide->A Socket-based IPC Tutorial ( or An Advanced Socket Communication Tutorial )

I’m trying to start my first example, but I need to #include sys/socket.h
but there is not such file on my QNX 4.25 system even though I have TCPIP 4.25 installed.
Am I missing some libraries?

sys/socket.h should be part of QNX TCP/IP Toolkit (tcptk)

Well, where can I get the TCP/IP toolkit version 4.25?

Talk to your QNX sales rep. It is/was a separate package you need to purchase (unless you already have it, in which case you need to install it).